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Open to 6th form and college students of Design & Technology, the Triumph Design Awards encourages and celebrates creative thinking, innovative problem solving and the ability to produce feasible solutions to real world challenges.

We're committed to encouraging young people to innovate and get excited by the thought of an idea evolving into a real life product. We want young design engineers to develop their engineering potential, and recognise that design engineering is an exciting and useful career that has helped shape the world we know.

Triumph Design Awards 2015

The 2015 Triumph Design Awards took place at the company’s main production facility in Hinckley on Saturday 4 July. A total of 23 students exhibited their work and judging proved very difficult, with so many excellent entries. The prize giving ceremony was preceded by a talk from Stuart Wood on the definition and importance of Engineering.

After much deliberation, the judges unanimously agreed that the winner was Sanjay Puri,  a student from Nottingham. Sanjay’s entry was inspired by a visit to a local care home where he realised that there are very few safeguards in place to ensure a quick response from staff should a resident fall, especially in the middle of the night when visiting the bathroom alone. He developed a fall detecting floor that looks at the surface distribution patterns on the floor in the home of a vulnerable person and is capable of detecting when said person has fallen over.

Sanjay won a paid internship at Triumph, along with £500 cash and a trophy. There were two runner up prizes -  the first going to Angus Hall for his size-adjustable electric guitar, which showed excellent craftsmanship and design flair. The second went to Arran Borrill, who designed and made a longboard, the development of which demonstrated good benchmark testing and assessment, and general engineering knowledge.

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